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A long time i wanted to buy a box like this, and a lovely person knowing i wanted this, decided to offer me one, i'm so happy...i'm the luckiest woman because of that. 
Talking now more about the Box...
The Color Pop-up Store is a box with soft colors from Sephora. A cube of plastic that will open and turning into a mini studio makeup.
The box is made ​​of hard plastic and too little drawers. The top side has a locking system to prevent the box from opening, but the material itself is quite fragile, so care demand when loading from one side to the other.
The kit contains: 64 shadows waterproof, 12 cream eyeliners, 6 top coats to eyes, 6 top coats for lips, 48 glosses, 3 blushes, 6 creams that can be used on eyes, cheeks and lips, 3 illuminators, 3 brushes, 1 mirror.
The big question I had was about these palettes of color pigmentation. 
 Luckily I was not disappointed one bit with this. All colors tested (half the palette already) are well pigmented and has beautiful colors.
As for the size, everything is very small, but enough to use enough and get bored. Taking very basic colors or creamy lipsticks, I think the amount is ok for most people. For those who are curious about the size, the box measures 23 x 10.50 cm and is closed with 58 cm wide with little drawers open.
Conclusion, i'm really happy with this new in, really love it, and love the person who gave it to me :)

Next post i will share with you my latest photoshoot session! 

Stay tuned for more, love you 

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