June 26, 2013 Arikita 6 Comments

Hello Fierce Fashion Lovers! These days have been amazing with this shining and hot sun, missed him, and i hope it won't go away, i hated spring so much, first of all i suffer from allergies, second of all the weather is uncertain, ... now talking about the pictures i share with you today :) as you should notice, i love maxi skirts, i know it's not a new trend but i can't get enough and this trend is coming back every spring/summer, probably because they are so comfortable and almost universally flattering.
I love them... I took these pictures last Sunday in Torres Novas (Portugal Place if you don't know), i love to go to Torres Novas, is a beautiful place to take pictures and too breathe some fresh air, and i really need to do that haha... i love to discover new places, and before i start travelling to other countries i want to know my country like the palm of my hand!
Hope you like the pictures, leave your comment 

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  1. love the look, and, of course, the maxi skirt

  2. BEAUTIFUL skirt! I love the lighting in the photos!

  3. Love that outfit!
    Do you want to follow each other?

  4. I love red!!!!! ;)))

    Following you! ;) thanks for your comment!!


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