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February 09, 2015 Arikita 15 Comments

Hello dear followers! I just received this AMAZING package from the store Tisetas and I will review the products! :)
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I received this lovely notebook, the thing I love about it, is that it has the Japan flag and the Japanese man and woman, I think it's super cute, and they are dressed with the famous kimonos! One of these days I would love to buy a kimono, since I am such a Japanese culture crazy! :) The notebook has come with 3 stickers! I have been using it for my blog post ideas!

Next it came with these lovely tea earrings, the first thing I thought when I saw these earrings was the Mad Hatter from the Alice in Wonderland, since he loved Tea sooooo much! And I am now in love with the Ever After High dolls and my favorite is Madeline Hatter (daughter of Mad Hatter) and when I look at this earrings I think about them and their madness for tea! They are very well made as you can see and I will definitely use them a lot!

This was my FAVORITE item from the package, sincerely, I am a Japanese lover as I already told you thousand of times (but I like to repeat it since, new people can come to my blog and read my post and I love them to know me better) and when I saw this earrings I was like "OH MY GOSH, SUSHI ROLLS EARRINGS!!" I was hysteric, because I never saw something so freaking cute and original!
They are so detailed and well made, I was so surprised with the store owner's creativity and originality, sushi earrings, sushi necklaces, rings... gosh now I want all my jewelry with sushi :3 And I will be having desires of eating sushi every single day! Seriously, I LOVED this item! 

Lastly, I received these donuts earrings, and I found these so funny and cute at same time, when I looked at them I tough about Simpsons hahaha! They are very detailed and they really look like small donuts and they really look appetizing, I am sure you are thinking the same thing! I loved them too! 

So as you can see dear followers this store is completely amazing, don't forget that this items you have seen on the pictures are all handmade!

I have asked the store owner some questions and I will share with you!

1. When and why did you started the shop?
My original idea was to have a t-shirt shop, 10 years ago, where women can find t-shirts with positive or cool messages since I could never find t-shirts with messages I liked and the ones I found were men's. Therefore the name "Tisetas" is formed by "T-shirt" and the same word in Spanish "Camiseta". Later on when I was working in a souvenir shop in London, I noticed that most of the items people buy are produced by the same big companies using the same designs over and over again. Then is when I produced my "London Guards" design and it was a success between my friends. So that is why I invented Tisetas as a souvenir/positive gift shop. A great friend and my biggest supporter of this adventure suggested I could send my designs to other crafty people so they'll produce things based on them. And that's how the "&co" was added. I produce things myself, but I also send the requests to other people, like the friend who does the earrings or the one who does brooches or cross stitch. It's all about team work!

2. Tell me all your social medias (Instagram, Facebook, etc)
♥ Facebook  
♥ Twitter 
 ♥ Instagram 

❥3. What do you want for the future of your shop?
I want to have a real shop, possibly in central London, because I love talking to people and helping them to find the perfect gift for someone. I also enjoy when they share their stores with me. I'd like the shop to be also a creative point, maybe an area to do some workshops. I want it to be not just a shop, but a creative hub!

I hope you liked this post dear followers!

And I really hope you can take a look at the shop and maybe buy something for you! :)

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  1. The notebook is super cute and adorable.
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  2. ¡Muy original todo, qué adorable!


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  4. Mmmmm doughnuts!!! And they won't go straight to your hips either, genius xo

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  8. Super cute! Love the notebook and sushi earrings especially :)



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