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November 23, 2021 Arikita 0 Comments

Hello, this is not a outfit post - I know, but I decided to share my makeup anyway, at least, to keep this blog alive and well ♡ I hope I can get some more matte lipsticks soon - love those. 
Glossy lipstick gives a shiny look (which I don't like that much), while matte lipsticks give a natural look, for me, matte lipsticks are benefecial in many ways and a must try - if you haven't yet!
Matte lipsticks stay for a longer time and also blends well with my lips, stays the whole day and doesn't spread (so I don't have to wipe it frequently),  are long lasting - so there's no need to reapply, doesn't stick to my clothes when it comes in contact with it.
Every colour in matte is unique and gives proper definition to the lips and face as well! I have some mac matte lipsticks which are my favorite! 

In my next post I will talk to you about the kitten I adopted - it's not fashion related, but this is a personal blog in the end, so makes sense to share that, also, who doesn't love cute kittens and cats? 

See you in the next post! Stay safe, tuned & love you all.

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