FeelinGirl Online Store Review

 Hello Everyone, I'm here again today to talk you about a important matter - accepting ourselves as we are, this message is also important in the FeelinGirl Store, that's their mission.

FeelinGirl quotes " It's not about hiding our bodies - its about celebrating our curves and to feel confident in the skin we're in" I for once found a store who has such an important message for every single women on earth, and I appreciate that from them very much, more stores should follow this. 

FeelinGirl is a Online store that offers shapewear, I took a look at their website and got surprised with all the variety of shapewears they have, the prizes are fair, I can say these are very affordable, specialy if you want something with good quality, which I'm 200% they have! Also the designs of these shapewears are very pretty and kinda fashionable too, which is even greater.

Will give you 2 examples of products that FeelinGirl have, click on the images to go directly to the products page! Don't forget to check the store, you might find something that you have been looking for ages, because they really do have a huge variety and for all tastes and liking. 

1st one is this Double Belt Waist Trainer 

This one will help you shape your body in hourglass shape,the double belt waister trainer helps you burn calories, reduces back pain, makes you lose weight and get slimming, its in black color and you have it from size S to size 6XL, the price is 68.79$ and is 50% at the moment, so go get your hands on it while you can, if you are looking for some of these, this is your chance. (Check picture of the product below)

2- Sport Accessories with tight trimmer

I personaly love these Sport Accessories with tight trimmer, because I go jog in the morning, and i'm sure one of these would be perfect, I might order one! 

This store really surprised me - positively and I have a huge admiration for stores that care about how we actually feel, and that tries to send a message to all the women - To accept ourselves. 

You can pay in many different ways, and they have free shipping in US over 70$ (exceptions apply)

Take a look at this store yourself and let me know what you think!

Have a good weekend and stay safe! 

TradeGets Online Shop Review

 Hello, everybody, how's your week going so far? Situation with Covid-19 is getting worse each day, so keep yourself and your Family and friends safe

This is a important subject but i'm not here today to talk about it, maybe another time. 

Today i'm here to review a online store for wholesale jewerly from China and the name of this store is TradeGets.

I did a research about this store, because I do like to research before writing any review about anything because I feel it will be more reliable and assertive, TradeGets was founded in 2012, and they wholesale high quality jewerly with very affordable prices, all the jewerly you would like to have can be purchased directly from their source factory which is a big plus in my opinion. 

TradeGets have many different style of jewerly to try to get as many clients as they can, because they will be fulfilling everybody's taste and liking, from classy - to cool - to cute or even grunge you have a large variety of products available, and all you have to do is go to their website and check trough the many pages of products they have, I did that myself for an hour, and I got a really big list of things that I would like to order from them.

To save you guys from some work, I decided to recommend you all some products, maybe you will like any of my recommended and if that happens you only need to click directly on the picture of the jewerly you liked to be directly sent to the store product's page! 

I start this list with RINGS

1. Black Gun Stainless steel Red Round Ring

Price: 4,66$

Sizes: from 7 to 10

I start with this one, which caught my attention fast, I really like the Red Gem with the black involving it, also this type of ring looks vampiric to me and I love that touch, sadly for me this one is for Men - so if there are any males reading this post - Lucky you, I envy you.

2.New Creative Trendy Silver Plated Watch shape Ring
Price: 4,90$
Sizes: From 7 to 8

This one - yes its for women, you can see that clearly just by looking at it.
I never seen a ring like this, honestly I might look like I live under a rock or something but I have seen many type of rings but none that looked like a little bracelet watch!
Its so cute I really loved this one and I'm considering buying it!

3. New Fashion Stainless Steel Couples necklaceLovers

Ok... I have seen many couple necklaces, but this store - 5 STARS.
These are actually real "little" books, you can write in it, so adorable, its not for everyone because some men might not like to use these type of things, its more for the romantic type of guy, if your boyfriend is that type - these are so perfect! 
There's WAY more from where these came from, trust me, and I kinda had a hard time chosing one of them to put here in my recommended list! I advice you to go check it for yourself.

4.Korean Sweet Marine Dolphin Shell Flower Charm Bracelet Crystal Beads Bracelets

Price: 2,60$

Last but not least - I love the pastel colors in this one and all the beads and accessories used in it.
Perfect for summer, these pastel colors look amazing in tanned skin.

And you've reached the end of the list, I really recommend you to take a look yourself at the store, i'm sure you won't regret it, and please let me know if you found anyting that you liked - also if you are thinking in ordering it! Let me know as well if you liked any of my recommendations!

Have a good week and once again, stay safe.


GetNameBracelet Store Review!

Hello dear followers,

i'm back again to do another store review!
Getnamenecklace  is an jewelry manufacturer, they have very professional teams of designers ready to customize the necklaces at your taste, chose between monogram chokers, to family pendants or even animal pendants to name necklaces!
All these come with good quality and competitive prices!
Everything on their factory is organized so all your packages are efficiently delivered as it should be.
Their priority is to satisfy all clientes which is what every single store should have as priority!

Keep in mind that each piece can be personalized as you which, this means - with the initials you want, lettering type, metal and stones, everything that would complement your style!

As always I will share with you the items that I love the most, don't forget that this is my taste/style and can not be compatible with yours, please visit the store so you can check the things and with your own taste!

This last one is my personal favorite, I always loved this style!
And I might order this one!! 

Don't forget to click on the images or titles to get re-directed to the products page!

And thats all for me, I think I convinced some of you to check this store, has free shipping between, and they also have urgent shipping just in case you are in a hurry! 
Ships in 3-5 business days! If you have any questions just message and the support will reply you soon!
Their support is very good, so you will be in good hands!

Hope you liked the post, thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for more!

Let me know your favorite items, and leave a comment telling me what you think about this store and if you have intentions of buying something!

See ya! <3

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Custom Necklace - Store Review


I'm writing again to share with you anoooother store!

This time isn't Bride stuff! As you can see from the title - its necklaces! (Sherlock)

What is Custom necklace - jewelry manufacturer that offers you unique and very fashionable personalized jewelry! 

When we talk about personalized things, means you can add names to necklaces, monogram choker necklaces, family and friends pendants, or even pets! 

They all have good quality and very competitive prices, to not talk about the efficient delivery service - fast delivery

Their technical team is very helpfull and professional and will help you out with any doubts and questions you might have about their products, its their priority to help and satisfy all their clients so their business continue to have success!

You can personalize even the stones you want, metals, lettering type, anything that might come to your mind, they have it, they will make it for you!

In their online shop  you can find products like this one 

the shipping is free! and this necklace has a disccount, so check it out 
(just click in the pictures and it will redirect you automaticaly to the products website page) 


You can chose the initial you want! 

I did a little wishlist of products I would like to have from this store, and maybe these will also catch your attention! 

keep reading

These pieces of jewerly are my favorite, I like how feminine and simple they are, I usualy don't like things that will capture everyone's attention. These are the type of jewerly who look good with everything you wear, they go well with every style (ok maybe less alternative style xD )

But still... these were my choices, its up to you, if you want or not scroll down through the website to check out their products and chose something for you! 

If I advise you? pft of course I do ! I'm writing this exactly to tell you guys to check the store!

PS: They sell, rings, earrings, bracelets etc - Jewerly!! 

I will ask you guys to please let me know if you are or already checked this store, and leave in the comments below, your favorite pieces! 

See you in the next post

AW Bridal ☆ Review

Hello everyone, i'm back with a new store review!

This time, AW Bridal store review! I found this store in the TrustPilot Reviews website, where customers write their opinions and experiences from the stores they order on. 

Since it had so many good reviews as you can see (here) and I want each and every single one of you to have good experiences by ordering in these type of online stores, so had to write about it!

First of all, a little explanation of what this store is all about, but you can have the idea just by reading the name of this store.

 helps you with Wedding Planing, they have low prices for a bunch of wedding supplies so its perfect for people with low budget!

They ship directly from their factory and they have relatively low costs thanks to bulk orders.

This store will help you have the perfect wedding day but without having to spend tons of cash in wedding supplies, dresses, all that stuff.

They have many different styles, each and every single one of them pretty unique in my opinion, and also hundreds of color hues.

The dresses are delivered within 24 hours, you can create your own design.

So resuming all this: Low budget, create your design, deliver in 24hours, you can chose the color you want, etc, what else can a bride ask for? 

- - - -

You can also find in amazon, dresses with the same low budget as AW Bridal
Check them (here)

Another store with the same aspects as the other two is Birdy Grey (catching name, pretty to hear) 

You probably wanna see some examples of the dresses for sale in these stores right? I made a selection of my favorites and will share with you, like I always like to do when I do store reviews!

These three dresses are from Birdy Grey! 

These are all from AW Bridal!

And these are on Amazon! 

Don't forget to click in the pictures for you to be redirected to the products website page! 

Last but not least! 

These umbrellas or Parasol as you wanna call it, are the solution to an outdoor wedding in sunny weather, even for an indoor wedding can be useful, and not only that, they are pretty and fashionable and you will look amazing with these! These umbrellas will enhance and elevate your bridal outfit, perfect for traditional weddings! 

Would you use one of these? if yes, check them just by clicking in the pictures!

That's it - I have shared everything I wanted to share to you about these stores, about AW Bridal!

Now its up to you, I know not all of you or even 1/3 are gonna get married! But think about this post as something you might wanna look for in the future when its your time!

Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned on my blog for more reviews and other content!

See you in the next post!
Have a nice day :)