Pastel Hairs, I love them!

4:56 PM Lunalaxy 9 Comments

Hair ! For many an image enhancement, for others an appendix of our basic personality. 
Pink, white, gray, purple, blue, green and red fire ! All of them in pastels are the colors trend of recent times.
Accompanied with short cuts, medium or even long, in gradient, solid color or total !
 Personally I like it, but I guess it doesn't favor everyone, I think that not everyone can use them! In my opinion hair like this must accompany a lot of personality in the inside and outside, it is a great detail for alternative looks, simple or classical! I wouldn't mind having a cute pink pastel hair, but I don't have the courage for that, haha.
What you think about these hairs?

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  1. Couldn't agree more, I adore pastel hair :) I'd really love to dye my hair lilac one day x

  2. I love pastel hair! I really like the one on the second last row and far right. :)

  3. I love pastel hair, i just don't look good in them. Nice post <3

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  4. I love it too! Specially with ombré or mixing colors

  5. gosto bastante! mas de ver,eu era incapaz de pintar com essas cores!

    Rafaela Avidago

  6. I love pastel hair, I often do my hair pastel pink! :)

    Sarah Louise Porter Blog

  7. epah, eu não sei se tinha coragem para fazer, pelo menos no cabelo todo, mas tambem adoro =)


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