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November 04, 2015 Arikita 3 Comments

Here is one wedding and dress store. I believe you will love it.

Long Prom Dresses

Hello dear followers, you know that I always loved dresses, from small dresses to long ones, they are always good for any occasion, they are perfect for weddings, they are perfect for special occasions, like a Prom, or Valentine's day and much more!!

That's why I love dresses, they are feminine, pretty, they make us look amazing and stunning! So I love to wear dresses, since I do love them, I decided to search for some online stores that actually sell only dresses, and there were some interesting ones, but the one that totally got my attention was the Aisle Style online store 

Since I discovered this store, I have been scrolling the website and all the types of dresses for different occasions that they have, and I already have like a huge wishlist for this Christmas because of this store, so true! So I can't wait to share with you guys, because I am sure that you will definitely fall in love with all the amazing products this store have!

I will show you the dresses that caught more my attention!

Boho Dress

I love Boho style, and this dress looks so perfect and, I just need to have it, I love to feel like a princess and this dress would make a amazing Photo-shoot session for sure, actually this photo showing the product looks beautiful! (see it here)

Wedding Dress

Yes, it's amazing, they have wedding dresses too! I love wedding dresses, and I dream about one day getting married with my lovely prince, and I love long dresses like this one, looks beautiful on this model, a wedding dress is a really important thing in a woman life, and of course the actually wedding day is a memorable day for everyone one of us women! I dream to have a dress like this one. (See it here)

Bridesmaid Dress

You don't need necessarily to use this dress only to be your Bridesmaid dress, I think it is perfect for everything, for a casual day, for your birthday, for a date, I love how versatile it looks, simple yet beautiful, the color is just so feminine and all the details, it's totally a must have for everyone.

Sweetheart Dress (you can choose other colors)

Oh my gosh! Yes, yes, yes, pink + long + princess like + stunning + lace = Perfect combination!

I was really stunned when I found this one, all the other ones are amazing and you will see that for sure, but I am a "Pink Girl" fan, so I can't even think now, just don't know what to say, this dress took the words from my mouth! It just won me over! (See it here) warning: if you are like me, you will be swept away by it!

Red Dress (you can choose other colors)

Red.... for me a red dress, is sensuality, passion, love, hot, classy, yes all that! If it was January already I would be picking up this dress for my valentine's day! It just got me with the cupid's arrow! 
I have fallen in love, I'm done, ha ha. (See it here)

As you could see with your own beautiful eyes, this store is not here only to be "another online store" NO, they really want to make a difference in every women life! They want us to feel beautiful just the way we are, and that is what I felt by searching all the dresses in this store, I felt that I could look amazing in them, and I am sure you will feel the same, you better feel!! 

By the way if you register right now! You will get a 5£ coupon! 

I hope this post inspired you girls, to have way more self esteem and self love, you are all beautiful just the way you are, and this store can really make a difference! It has quality, amazing designs, tons of different colors you can choose in every single model dress and they look like that (up there) in this post!

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  1. beautiful! your posts are so inspiring! I love looking at these dresses ;)

  2. Like the second photo :)
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    Maria V.

  3. Beautiful post

    Love Vikee


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