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March 23, 2016 Arikita 1 Comments

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Hello dear followers, today I want to talk you about this beautiful online shop called CocoMelody (http://cocomelody.com)

CocoMelody offers you many trendy collections of stunning and very affordable bridesmaid dresses, some of them under $100, prom dresses and many more, everything that you consider "Special Ocasion", just go to CocoMelody and I am sure you will find everything you are looking for!

The dresses you can see in the pictures below are designer wedding dresses! Just browse trough them and tell me your favorites!

(Click on the picture to browse this category)

(Click on the picture to browse this category)

In CocoMelody all products are high quality and have a discount too!

Whatever you are dreaming off, whatever fabric, design, color, style, size, they have everything! You just need to browse trough their vast collections, like the ones I put up there in the post, so you can go check it. You place your order with your sizes and wait for it to get delivered at your home! 

You can select more dresses from the following products, hope they can meet your need! 

(Click on the picture to browse this category)

(Click on the picture to browse this category)

Faith by ANIIA, is my personal favorite! I love the dreamy designs and they look like princess couture wedding dresses, just like how I imagine myself one day... with my right prince 
(who I still need to find actually, ha ha)

(Click on the picture to browse this category)

These dresses from this category are very Vintage!

I know that some of you are looking for some lovely prom dresses for your upcoming events or parties to look your best on that special day, but its too tough to get that perfect dress these days right? we never know what to chose, there's so many beautiful dresses out there, and in CocoMelody is one of those places, so I advice you to search there Prom Dresses Category (Follow this Link).

These are some of the beautiful prom dresses that appear when you browse on this category, I already have my eye on some of them! 

CocoMelody have ship worldwide and the payment method is by paypal wish is the safest method for online payment. The site is very well managed and items are very well arranged in an order! So anyone can easily search the items and select them to buy! 

By the way, this amazing online shop is not only for women, but for man too! Yes they actually sell man stuff, awesome don't you think?

You can use the $20OFF on wedding dresses that are $300+ you only have to use the code that you see on the little banner "W20" and it ends 3/31, so this is your chance to get your hands in some of these beautys! Don't waste more time, and go get your dream dress!

I hope that you'll find more awesome dresses that you'll ever love and Don't forget to check your size from the size chart before ordering the item you want! 

Tell me your honest opinion about this beautiful store.
And which one of all items are your favorite thing? 

Tell me everything!

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  1. Que vestidos mais bonitos!!

    Passa pelo blog e deixa as tuas perguntas: http://abpmartinsdreamwithme.blogspot.pt/2016/03/q-2-facam-as-vossas-perguntas.html



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