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September 07, 2016 Arikita 0 Comments

Here is one wedding and dress store. I believe you will love it. Long Prom Dresses
Hello dear followers! I have found a awesome store for you to go check it! 

This time I bring you the Stylewe online store and their dresses!

I will begin talking about the petite maxi dresses I have chosen my favorite dresses!

So the first one is:

Sentimental NY

Lace + Black = Perfection

Can I detail this dress better? I don't think so. I would totally buy it! 

I even can imagine myself in it (and I love that idea) It has a grunge style on it but at the same time classy and feminine. 
This dress had to be in this post!

They have a bunch of unique dresses like this one so if you want to check out the rest of them just click on the image!

Now I am gonna show you a burgundy maxi dress!

Since Then

RED! I just imagine myself with this dress and red lips, perfect combination! So stunning and feminine but at the same time sensual! What can a women ask more for?

I browsed trough the entire online store and this was the one who got my eye on that category the most!

Just for you to know because it's a important thing to know when you are buying online, since you can't try the products etc, and you don't know how they actually look in terms of quality, I confess that many and many women who buy from this store, they never regret doing it! 

Sometimes is better to pay a little more and to have a product with quality and durability than to buy something cheap and to be something you would use months and then would be done... It's like you get what you pay for!

This store also has very friendly promotions that you can't lose at all! And if you need any help they have a chat box on the website where you can contact the staff, how awesome is that? I would advice other stores to do that, some have it others don't, it's the first time actually that I have seen this, because when you need something from a store you contact via e-mail! But not in this one!

They have free shipping over 60$ so that's pretty good! The big stars from this company are the designers for their amazing work and prototypes! And by the way if any of you girls/boys are a designer or want to be, you can actually e-mail them your ideas, Sooo nice! Know more details on their website!

I leave you also their YouTube channel so you can check their videos and get an idea of what they are etc, (click here) they have pretty good videos! Go watch for youself

Also, their pinterest where they share all the news! (click here)

So this is all I have to say for now, but I am sure you are gonna hear about this store again! :) 
They deserve that. Don't forget to check out the store, and tell me and share your favorite products!

 Stay tuned!

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