To be Irreplaceable one must always be different !

June 02, 2017 Arikita 3 Comments

Hello dear followers, for a long long time I haven't posted any outfit of the day pictures, that's because I was not feeling well with my body, my self esteem was bad and every pic I would take I would hate it and think I was not well on it...

Took me a while to start liking myself again, but now I think I am in the right path!
And hopefully I will start posting more pictures of me and share with you my personal style!

I hope you can continue being with me in this huge blog journey, its very important for me and means a lot your support! So I have to apologize if my content has not been the most interesting one in the last months or even year... but we all have problems and sometimes they affect other areas of our lives, I know I shouldn't let it affect me but he does, but im here again and im trying to be strong and to continue doing what I love - and that is - my Youtube and my Blog! 

I hope you stay with me and please check my youtube ! <3

Thanks for everything.

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  1. Your rock that look! Your top is amazing I love it. Thanks for your kind words on my blog.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box
    Instagram: littleglitterybox

  2. You look lovely! Great post!
    Farah x


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