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November 07, 2020 Arikita 2 Comments

 Hello Everyone, I'm here again today to talk you about a important matter - accepting ourselves as we are, this message is also important in the FeelinGirl Store, that's their mission.

FeelinGirl quotes " It's not about hiding our bodies - its about celebrating our curves and to feel confident in the skin we're in" I for once found a store who has such an important message for every single women on earth, and I appreciate that from them very much, more stores should follow this. 

FeelinGirl is a Online store that offers shapewear, I took a look at their website and got surprised with all the variety of shapewears they have, the prizes are fair, I can say these are very affordable, specialy if you want something with good quality, which I'm 200% they have! Also the designs of these shapewears are very pretty and kinda fashionable too, which is even greater.

Will give you 2 examples of products that FeelinGirl have, click on the images to go directly to the products page! Don't forget to check the store, you might find something that you have been looking for ages, because they really do have a huge variety and for all tastes and liking. 

1st one is this Double Belt Waist Trainer 

This one will help you shape your body in hourglass shape,the double belt waister trainer helps you burn calories, reduces back pain, makes you lose weight and get slimming, its in black color and you have it from size S to size 6XL, the price is 68.79$ and is 50% at the moment, so go get your hands on it while you can, if you are looking for some of these, this is your chance. (Check picture of the product below)

2- Sport Accessories with tight trimmer

I personaly love these Sport Accessories with tight trimmer, because I go jog in the morning, and i'm sure one of these would be perfect, I might order one! 

This store really surprised me - positively and I have a huge admiration for stores that care about how we actually feel, and that tries to send a message to all the women - To accept ourselves. 

You can pay in many different ways, and they have free shipping in US over 70$ (exceptions apply)

Take a look at this store yourself and let me know what you think!

Have a good weekend and stay safe! 

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