December Inspirations

December 03, 2014 Arikita 13 Comments

Hello sweet followers, It’s a brand new week, and a brand new month! Woohoo! :)

And it’s the last month of this wonderful 2014 (wonderful means full of wonder, and one can find wonder even in the not-so-good things…)!
Have you started taking care of yourselves? You haven’t? Don’t worry, it’s never, NEVER, too late to start.
So take this beginning (of the week and of the month) as a chance to start devoting some time to yourselves, in the ways that are the most nourishing for your bodies, your minds, your hearts and your souls.
Have a magical December! :)

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  1. Your moodboard definitely fueled my Christmas spirit! ;)
    Have a great December too Ines!

  2. Great photos!

  3. Que tenhas um dezembro cheio de coisinhas boas e nao so falo da parte material. Eu ja tenho as decoracoes de Natal feitas ca em casa com a ajuda do maridao e da nossa pipoca. :)
    Tambem ja temos neve alias agora estou a escrever e esta a nevar la fora o meu jardim esta coberto de neve.
    Beijinho grande

  4. Nice post! I definitely have to start putting aside time for myself. :)
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  5. Que tenhas um feliz Dezembro também! :D

  6. So cute! Love those little gingerbread cookies

  7. até dá gosto olhar para estas imagens :)

  8. Inspiring pictures. Makes me can't wait for Christmas. xx


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