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July 08, 2016 Arikita 2 Comments

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Dear followers! How are you? Hope your fine, today I have a very interesting brand to show to you!

Books and Ballads (Click here to see the website)  this brand loves to be irreverent, unique, original, they believe that style is about expressing yourself and showing your individuality, and I couldn't agree more with it!

This August they will be launching a rage of  designer cocktail dresses, known by the name 
( The Wine Nights Collection).

In the pictures below you can see 3 outfits: A two piece dress, a pair of loose pants and a 3/4th sleeve dress all signed with their signature Wine Nights print!

They are having amazing discounts for this collection, don't forget to check it and to sign up your e-mail so you can receive all the news about this brand and their collections and campaigns! 

Books and Ballads: Quirky Fashion (Click here) 
Sign up so you can know where the campaign goes live!

You will be able to pre-order the collection beginning 9th August of 2016!

Also please support their campaign here: (Click)  

Leave me your thoughts and opinions about this lovely brand on the comments below!

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