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StyleWe Review and Wishlist!

July 12, 2016 Arikita 1 Comments

Here is one wedding and dress store. I believe you will love it.

Long Prom Dresses
Hello dear followers, today I have a awesome online store to show you! I even made a wishlist, couldn't control myself!

The first piece I show you is this amazing dress, it has like a mermaid feel, I would totally use this dress and feel like a princess! They call it Aquarius - the name combines with my "mermaid thought!" it's magical!

Click on the image so you can see the product on their website!


The next piece is this amazing bag! It's very feminine, girly, I love the color and the details, so it had to go to my wishlist! And the name of the product once again is very interesting and unique!

Click on the bag so you can go to the Handbags page, warning: hide your wallets! You will probably want to buy a bunch of handbags!

Just Star

Now, let's go to the more irreverent pieces of clothing!


I like how funny and interesting this dress is, I like the cartoon style, and how it looks so unique, original, I have already some dresses like this and they are always my favorite, so I can't get enough of these!

I just seriously love this t-shirt quote! What else can I say? I am sure many of you will agree with it! 

This Midi skirt had to be added to this list of course, I love the color, the texture seem perfect for the summer, and it's very fashionable! Not everyone's style I know... but in this store there's clothes for everyone's tastes!

From what I have been searching around this online store, they have amazing designers who try to and they actually conquer.... to bring to fashion new designs, ideas, unique stuff, just how I love! And style is one of the things who can actually define us!

So I think you should visit their store, just click (here) and see it for yourself, I am completely sure you will like what you see!

Promise :)

Tell me in the comments below your opinions on my chosen products, and tell me your favorites, you can even share the links with me! I always love to know more about you.

See ya in the next post, stay tuned! And don't forget to visit my YouTube channel, I have been very active there, love you!

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  1. That backpack is adorable! Love the first dress too.

    xo Azu


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