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September 24, 2016 Arikita 0 Comments

Hello dear followers! 

Summer is coming to an end but there's still good weather to go to the beach or have fun on a pool, so I decided to also share this cool inflatable stuff, who doesn't like it? 

Miss the times when I was little kid and loved to play on one of these.

Do you remember the ones filled with colored balls? 
Those were my favorite, and I still can't go through one and not have that will to jump to it!

This store called Inflatable Zone (Click here to check the store)   has all the types of cool stuff, from bubble soccer balls to slides, bouncers and other type of inflatable games!

By the way don't forget to click on the images so you can go directly to the products page!

All the products are made of thick, strong and durable PVC or vinyl and nylon, for example this castle is inflated using an electric or petrol-powered pump or blower. 
This castle can be for home use! You can also customize it as the way you would like!

And of course this is also a good way to keep children happy, busy, excited and exercised.

School and other places rent these inflatables for private purposes or such parties!

All the inflatables have 1 year guaranty and repair kit.

This Amusement park inflatable is like - GIANT! 12*10*6M

I forgot to quote that this store has free shipping for places like: United States, Canada, Europe, Asia. 
The other countries might have to pay some extra charges, so you should contact them first before placing the order!

If you are asking yourself the ways you could pay it, you can use paypal or credit card, but if you want to know more details or have other additional questions feel free to contact them, they have a very fast response system, and are really nice with the customers! Their shipping in case you are asking yourself (it's important when you buy online) it's very fast and all the payments are secured.

They are the earliest and leading manufacturer of inflatable products! The inflatable products frequently appears on the website instead of store, which is convenient to buy it wholesale, buy it for sale and rent it for cheap budget!

By the way you can also add them on skype - ella
And I also leave the e-mail -

Tell me what do you think about inflatables, and if you miss them as I do, he he, who doesn't it was so fun when we were kids, happy times! Tell me also if you got your eye on any of their products they have also inflatables for older people (we have the right to have some fun also correct? :p) 

Leave me in the comments below your opinion.

Stay tuned for more on my blog.

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