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March 09, 2017 Arikita 0 Comments

Hello dear followers, I already presented you to the online store StyleWe 
This time im gonna share with you different products!

Im gonna start by showing you high cut bikinis I know that many of you might be very exciting for the Summertime but im actually not actualy a fan of the sun and hot days, I like rain and cold days! 
Still I would like to share with you the bikinis who caught more my eye! 

Dont forget to check the links because these are my Style but some people might not like the ones im gonna show you, so dont forget to go see for yourself on their website!

Also since um speaking about summer, hot weather etc, I think its important if you know how much water you should drink, of course this os essencial not ONLY on summer but everyday of yourself life if you want to have a Better health! So please check this post here I read ir myself because I AM actualy one of those people that dont drink much water and I know is not good at all! 

Also they have a little test that you can do it yourself in seconds so if you are if u are dehydrated I did it myself and im not! Haha 
So check it and Tell me in the comments below your test result! And if is a negative result, its a good way for you to start giving your body more attention! 

OK to the Next part of this post, now im gonna show you my favorite JustfashionNow tunic Style tops!

Also why not go check and maybe buy some of these gorgeous off shoulder tops!

I hope you can check the store they have awesome clothes and at great prices! 
Tell me too the items on my post that you liked the most!

Please Stay tuned to my blog and YouTube Channel!

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