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February 19, 2017 Arikita 1 Comments

Hello dear followers,
Today im gonna talk you about the lovely store StyleWe and JustFashion!

I have more precisely 3 Topics to talk about today in this post! 

The first one is alter crop tops as you know crop tops have been a fashion trend for some while now, personaly I dont get sick of Wearing them or getting another one to add to my wardrobe! And this store has many crop tops, all different styles, feminine, sensual, grunge, cartoon and many many others, that you can chose from! 
So basicaly im gonna show you the ones who caught more my eye and that I would totally add to my wardrobe! Stay with me and see what I am about to share with you! Also dont forget to click on the images so you can go directly to the products page, that way you will find more important details!

And since I shared tops why not Sharing also some cheap skinny leg pants?

I usualy only wear leggings that look like pants because I feel more comfortable with them but these look actually very comfortable and I might get one pair or two! 

My favorites are

Theres different Style of pants I really love the last ones, since its more my taste! But all the pants I have shared in this post are the ones who caught my eye and that I like and wouldnt mind at all to buy! Also, they have great quality and design!

Now to end up this post im gonna make like a little game, so StyleWe has a blog post where they show 10 types of fashion styles and what I want you to do is, to check the page and tell me who me your fashion Style! 

I can tell you mine right now, why not? Haha

Mine is the #9 rocker fashion Style , of course if you know me well you would totally find it out even by yourself ! Also you can see some celebrity examples using those different styles! Its a pretty interesting post to check out! And dont forget that the store actually sells clothing like this! So dont forget to check the store and Tell me in the comments below wich of those 10 styles is yours! Im curious!

Stay tuned on my blog and have a lovely day!

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  1. Excelentes peças! Não conhecia as lojas...
    Gostei muito do teu blog e segui*


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