The right Karaoke Machine!

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Hello! How are you guys? 
So as some of you probably know - since on my youtube channel there's some covers I made (you can check them by searching Lunalaxy on youtube) I love to sing, singing is something that may even help you fight stress, anxiety, depression, or just- to feel good, you don't need to be a great singer to do this, what matters is that you enjoy doing it and that you feel good! 
In my country, just like in probably every other country there's karaoke bars, but since I am very shy to sing in public or to be around so many people I rather sing in my room where I am completely comfortable. Since some of you are like me or you just even rather buy for yourself or your kids a Karaoke machine! And that is what I want to talk about in this post - the right karaoke machine for your loved ones! 

You might be probably thinking " the right karaoke machine? There's wrong ones? Uhm what you mean Inês? Its just a machine" --  I tell you...if it was I wouldnt be writing about it just now!

As you know karaoke machines are great to give has a present to a loved one, since usualy everyone has fun singing - so basicaly theres a karaoke machine for every age group, for wherever you want to give as a gift. 

For example if you want to give one to your kids, that is where this post can make a big difference on your opinion about these machines and the different ones that exists with different functionalities! 
AND I know just the perfect ones for you, You don't believe?😊 

Just keep reading. 

Karaoke machines for kids are very user friendly to facilitate the use, they enable children to sing along their favorite tunes. These can also improve both language and musical skills of a kid. 

They can use these machines without the help of a adult and they are also equipped with the best hardware that wont get damaged if hit against a hard surface, and they are available in different styles and colors to suit every young singer!

The best karaoke machines for kids are,

  • SML-383 - it is a renowned portable model that can easily be connected to a audio player or television, also comes with disco lights to make them enjoy a vibrant show while singing, all these equipment is easy to use! 

  • Fisher Price Kid- tough player, is another top rated karaoke machine for kids, it is a best digital sing along that is compatible to any digital format, also has memory card that can hold more than four hours of music! 

  • There is also the Disney handheld DKS7000- P that consists of a perfect pitch facility that supports to modify the child voice tone to remain always on-key! Pretty cool right? If I was still a child, this would be my pick since I am a huge Disney fan! Basicaly has a preset that helps to attain patented voice effects of famous Disney characters, and already comes pre loaded with 20 songs from different Disney movies. 
  • And the final but not least in this list is the Hello Kitty super CDG karaoke, that obviously it will be more attractive to girls, features 2 inbuilt speakers that provide high quality sound effects, there is also a video camera that can be used to record your kids performances.
With so many karaoke machines out there available, it is essential to always consider the overall quality, sound performance, if it is easy or not to use, safety, price, etc before making a final decision! And I hope this post can help you somehow.

If you have time, I want you to check  this website: (Click)  its another post talking about the best karaoke machines for kids 2018! You might be interested in reading it, I can assure you that its very interesting and  will also help you decided better in this matter! 

I hope you liked the post, and leave me your opinion, you might know other karaoke machines with good quality, if you do, share with me the ones you like the most! 

Thank you so much and see you in my next post, in the meanwhile dont forget to check my youtube channel :)

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