Baginning Store - Review!

July 22, 2019 Arikita 1 Comments

Baginning Store

Hello dear followers, today I decided to write about this store because their products are really one of the best I have seen around! 

Beginning is a store residing in London England, and has also the website where you can order online in case you arent living in London, they sell trendy lady bags, Baginning accepts PayPal and credit card as the online payments, the shipping is free worldwide and their Express is 2-4 days shipping time, if you aren't satisfied with the products you ordered they provide free return, also this store has a very dedicated support willing to help you with everything you might need.

So I lumbered around their website for a while and decided to make a wishlist (kinda) of my favorite items from Baginning, and since the summer's here I picked bags thinking about it!

Summer Beach Tote & Beach Tote

Bohemia Starfish Embroidery Beach Straw Bag Seaside Holiday Tote Bags

White Shopper Bag Summer Beach Tote Bag

Navy Straw Beach Bag Summer Tote Bag

Aqua Woven Beach Tote Bag

Blue Velvet Ball Embroidery Starry Sky Cute Purses Handbags

Black Heart-Shaped Crossbody Purse Cute Women's Shoulder Bags

Holographic Round Crossbody Clear Bag PVC Blingbling Summer Chain Bags

White Sushi Plush Toys Crossbody Cute Purses Cartoon Bags

The last two are honestly my favorites! I might order them soon.

Also I will have to leave this here because I loved the way they described their store with this little text, check it out:

One shop, a group of dreamers.
On the way to lastest trending.
On the way to best lady bags shopping experience,
And on the way to be ourselves.
It's for fashion lovers, It's Baginning!

I found this very creative and captivating for the customers! 
I advise you to check out this store, don't forget that if you liked any of these bags that I chosed for my wishlist, you just have to click on the pictures and will take you straight to the products page! 

Let me know which one is your favorite bag and what's your thoughts about this store, have you bought here before? Are you thinking in doing it? Tell me everything! 

Inês - Fashion gets Fierce

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