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Custom Necklace - Store Review

September 04, 2019 Arikita 1 Comments


I'm writing again to share with you anoooother store!

This time isn't Bride stuff! As you can see from the title - its necklaces! (Sherlock)

What is Custom necklace - jewelry manufacturer that offers you unique and very fashionable personalized jewelry! 

When we talk about personalized things, means you can add names to necklaces, monogram choker necklaces, family and friends pendants, or even pets! 

They all have good quality and very competitive prices, to not talk about the efficient delivery service - fast delivery

Their technical team is very helpfull and professional and will help you out with any doubts and questions you might have about their products, its their priority to help and satisfy all their clients so their business continue to have success!

You can personalize even the stones you want, metals, lettering type, anything that might come to your mind, they have it, they will make it for you!

In their online shop  you can find products like this one 

the shipping is free! and this necklace has a disccount, so check it out 
(just click in the pictures and it will redirect you automaticaly to the products website page) 


You can chose the initial you want! 

I did a little wishlist of products I would like to have from this store, and maybe these will also catch your attention! 

keep reading

These pieces of jewerly are my favorite, I like how feminine and simple they are, I usualy don't like things that will capture everyone's attention. These are the type of jewerly who look good with everything you wear, they go well with every style (ok maybe less alternative style xD )

But still... these were my choices, its up to you, if you want or not scroll down through the website to check out their products and chose something for you! 

If I advise you? pft of course I do ! I'm writing this exactly to tell you guys to check the store!

PS: They sell, rings, earrings, bracelets etc - Jewerly!! 

I will ask you guys to please let me know if you are or already checked this store, and leave in the comments below, your favorite pieces! 

See you in the next post

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