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September 02, 2019 Arikita 0 Comments

Hello everyone, i'm back with a new store review!

This time, AW Bridal store review! I found this store in the TrustPilot Reviews website, where customers write their opinions and experiences from the stores they order on. 

Since it had so many good reviews as you can see (here) and I want each and every single one of you to have good experiences by ordering in these type of online stores, so had to write about it!

First of all, a little explanation of what this store is all about, but you can have the idea just by reading the name of this store.

 helps you with Wedding Planing, they have low prices for a bunch of wedding supplies so its perfect for people with low budget!

They ship directly from their factory and they have relatively low costs thanks to bulk orders.

This store will help you have the perfect wedding day but without having to spend tons of cash in wedding supplies, dresses, all that stuff.

They have many different styles, each and every single one of them pretty unique in my opinion, and also hundreds of color hues.

The dresses are delivered within 24 hours, you can create your own design.

So resuming all this: Low budget, create your design, deliver in 24hours, you can chose the color you want, etc, what else can a bride ask for? 

- - - -

You can also find in amazon, dresses with the same low budget as AW Bridal
Check them (here)

Another store with the same aspects as the other two is Birdy Grey (catching name, pretty to hear) 

You probably wanna see some examples of the dresses for sale in these stores right? I made a selection of my favorites and will share with you, like I always like to do when I do store reviews!

These three dresses are from Birdy Grey! 

These are all from AW Bridal!

And these are on Amazon! 

Don't forget to click in the pictures for you to be redirected to the products website page! 

Last but not least! 

These umbrellas or Parasol as you wanna call it, are the solution to an outdoor wedding in sunny weather, even for an indoor wedding can be useful, and not only that, they are pretty and fashionable and you will look amazing with these! These umbrellas will enhance and elevate your bridal outfit, perfect for traditional weddings! 

Would you use one of these? if yes, check them just by clicking in the pictures!

That's it - I have shared everything I wanted to share to you about these stores, about AW Bridal!

Now its up to you, I know not all of you or even 1/3 are gonna get married! But think about this post as something you might wanna look for in the future when its your time!

Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned on my blog for more reviews and other content!

See you in the next post!
Have a nice day :) 

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